Strongbrook Group

The Strongbrook Group is the parent holding company of all the other Strongbrook companies. The Strongbrook companies operate in compliance with all state and federal regulations, and hold the specific licensures required for their respective functions. Additionally, many of Strongbrook’s employees are professionally licensed within their respective industries, such as real estate agents, brokers, lenders, and insurance agents.

It important to note that none of the Strongbrook companies provide investment, legal, or tax advice. Therefore, clients should consult their own licensed tax, legal, financial or other advisors for such advice. At Strongbrook we provide professional services related to unique real estate investment information, education, tools, and opportunities that individuals may consider using within the scope of their overall personal financial strategies.

Strongbrook REIC is a Real Estate Investment Company that provides the information, education, tools, and professional relationships needed for clients to transact real estate investments. Strongbrook REIC manages client services through Client Services Coordinators (CSC), who help organize and direct the communication between clients and our other companies in order to make the real estate transacting process as seamless as possible.

The CSC will also help clients finalize, maximize, and manage their specific game plan. He or she will review it often to make sure clients are meeting their goals, and adapt it when prudent as client goals and life circumstances change.

Strongbrook’s goal is for clients to not just learn real estate, but to actually DO real estate, with the help of our Power Team. Over 65% of Strongbrook’s clients purchase an investment property within the first six months of purchasing a Professional Service Agreement (PSA), compared to the real estate education industry standard of less than 3% of individuals that ever do a single transaction.

Strongbrook Realty

Strongbrook Realty is a real estate brokerage company whose team consists of consultants, real estate agents, and professionals that locate discounted investment properties in the hottest markets.

Purchase of a Professional Service Agreement includes access to Strongbrook Realty’s most elite investment properties around the country. The homes in our hot markets are located, researched, rehabbed, marketed to tenants, and rented out for our clients. If someone wants to buy in their “backyard,” Strongbrook Realty will assist them in finding a home, and assist them with the Compassionate Financing process to ensure maximum profitability and benefit to the community.

Strongbrook Lending

Strongbrook Lending is a lending company that has built strong relationships with the best and most flexible lending institutions specializing in investment property lending. Their lending knowledge and relationships are applied to help clients maximize their ability to finance multiple investment properties.

Strongbrook Lending’s agents continually evaluate the best loan products in the nation, help clients determine the one that best fits their need, and then work with them through the entire loan process to get that loan closed and funded. In addition, they advise clients how to maximize all their available resources.

Strongbrook Property Management

Strongbrook Property Management is a property management company that coordinates the rehab of ready-to-purchase real estate inventory for Strongbrook REIC clients. Strongbrook Property Management also helps negotiate and coordinate maintenance services with other blue-chip property management companies in local Strongbrook REIC client markets. These companies market, lease, coordinate maintenance and collect rent on our clients’ homes.

Strongbrook Financial

Strongbrook Financial Services takes a holistic approach to clients' finances, including protection of our clients’ savings plus other growth and management systems that help maximize their wealth creating activities.

Strongbrook Financial teaches sound financial principles and proven strategies to maximize our clients’ financial Game Plan. They complement our clients’ real estate investments through education on strategies that protect their estate and growing earnings, while maintaining as much control and access to their capital as possible.

Strongbrook Direct

Strongbrook Direct is our sales company, which is authorized to market certain Strongbrook REIC products and services.